Thank you for visiting DAVID GOOD DESIGN. I seek to use visual art to transcend the limitations of language. So please join me through my exploration of typographic inclination, wacky patterns, and all the other things that make sweet things taste sweet.

Want to collaborate and put our heady heads together? Want me to design something for you or your company? Want me to do a little dance and sing something for you on the ukulele?! Message me and we can arrange that!

A little about myself, if I may, I know we live in an attention economy, and everyone wants to be the next venture capitalist! I attended the University of Southern California, picking up a degree in Linguistics and Graphic Design. Passionate about what I studied, I chose to involve myself with such fields to gain a comprehensive understanding of how we homo sapiens communicate with one another. Through Linguistics, I have learned how connotations, implicatures, semantics, sentence structure, word order, and phonetic patterning contribute to how we grasp the world around us. Language, however, has certain limits, and cannot convey everything we feel, so I look to graphic design to bridge that gap. Through typographic treatments, funky patterns, and visual hierarchies, I hope to bring Good vibes your way. And of course, like, comment, and share if you like my work!


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